A downloadable game for Windows

Game made at Slavic Game Jam 2019

MOBILE VERSION HERE:  https://dotpoozer.itch.io/simonsays-versus-mobile

Do you remember old toy for kids called Simon Says? The one where the toy tells you which buttons in which order to push, and makes it harder and harder... Imagine that there is no AI in toy to tell you that, but it's another player...

Game  uses keyboard, gamepad and mouse AT THE SAME TIME! FEEL FREE TO MIX THOSE DURING THE GAME!

 Choose a number of players ( click on the color to randomize it, even make a photo for the player if the PC got a camera!) and choose the number of mistakes. In the game start by tapping anything on the keyboard, game pad (analog sticks also work) or mouse. The next player needs to repeat your move and add another one at the end. The next player does the same and the game goes on and on and on... You get points for good repeating the sequence and bonus points for choosing a buttons that are new or rare to the already established sequence.  When player makes a mistake, the sequence is reset (points are still there!) and that player starts a new one! Round ends after certain number of mistakes (You can edit this number in the menu!)


dotPoozer  - Programming; PC Version

MichalErtner - Programming, Mobile Version

Anovac - Programming, PC Version

alekssowa - Graphics

ellifanty - Music and SFX


SimonSaysVersusPC.zip 34 MB

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